The owner, Birthe Lemley, State-authorized Translator and Interpreter, MA in Specialized Language for Business, MFT, holds an MA in Specialized Language for Business (English) from the Copenhagen Business School (1996). Furthermore, Birthe Lemley is registered with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency as a state-authorized translator and interpreter. 


Birthe Lemley is an assistant lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School in the language line of the BA program. 

BirtheLemley is a member of the Danish Association of State-Authorized Translators and Interpreters. Birthe Lemley is also a member of the Danish Society of Financial Analysts.
B&L Oversættelsesbureau has existed since 1996, and the owner has been translating all types of documents over the years. Below is a list of areas of specialisation:  

  • Financial documents (simplified prospectuses, environmental rep., annual rep. etc.) 
  • Software localisation
  • Manuals for medical devices (pacemakers, catheters etc.)
  • Inserts for pharmaceuticals
  • Technical manuals
  • Certified translations (contracts, separation orders, divorce decrees etc.)